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30 May 2019

Pick Me! SC is Bigger than Ever!

Pick Me! SC is coming back bigger and better than ever July 12 – 14.  More shelters around the state and more Petco Stores than ever before are getting involved in this amazing statewide adoption event.

Sponsored by the Petco Foundation and BOBS from Skecher, Pick Me! SC is organized by No Kill South Carolina (NKSC). The goal is to save 1,500 lives through adoptions in just one weekend. Most shelters are offering “no-fee” or “low-fee” adoptions as part of this lifesaving event. NKSC is a program of Charleston Animal Society.

“People saw how successful the event was last year and we are so excited to bring it back,” said the Director of NKSC Abigail Kamleiter.

NKSC brings all of South Carolina’s shelters together – to work together – through projects like Pick Me! SC. “The efforts of No Kill South Carolina have prevented the euthanasia of more than 18,000 animals since we started in 2016,” said Kamleiter. “Saving every healthy and treatable dog is a goal that is within our reach, and once we accomplish that, we will then focus on cats. Together we can do this!”

More Petco Stores Taking Part

Petco stores provide space for shelters and rescues to reach even more potential adopters. “We will have all 25 stores taking part, including some along the border in North Carolina” said Petco District Leader South Carolina and North Carolina West. “We see this is as a stepping stone in our big picture plan to really service the community in times of joy and in times of need.”

Long-Term Impact of Pick Me! SC      

Many people who went to adopt during Pick Me! SC last year, shared that they had never visited their local shelter before the Pick Me! SC weekend. Organizers hope people will continue to see the value that shelters bring to their individual communities. “It really brought communities together to show pride in their area shelters. When people visit these shelters, they now realize they can have a tremendous impact on saving lives,” said Kamleiter.

From the Mountains to the Sea

Pick Me! SC truly is a statewide event, with shelter and rescues participating from the mountains of the Upstate to the beaches of the Lowcountry.  Whether you live in the Upstate, the Pee Dee, the Midlands or the Lowcountry, wonderful animals will be available for adoptions and incredible deals are being offered. From the Mountains to the Sea, Won’t You Pick Me! SC.

If you are adopting, please remember to bring a leash for dogs or a carrier for cats. Some of the locations may have these items for sale but be sure to check in advance. For more information, visit

Since 1999, Petco Foundation has invested more than $200 million in lifesaving animal welfare work across the country.